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ISM provides trend-oriented innovative young companies with a stage

ISM provides trend-oriented innovative young companies with a stage


As the leading global trade fair for sweets and snacks, ISM not only sees itself as a presentation and networking platform for companies from the industry, but also as a trendsetter with the aim of promoting innovative, future-oriented ideas from the industry. Whether a start-up, trade fair newcomer or supplier in the ISM sections "Coffee, tea and cocoa" or "New Snacks" - as the largest and most international trade fair for sweets and snacks, ISM 2019 offers numerous presentation options for young and also established trend-oriented companies from the industry.

Start-up Area

The Start-Up Area offers companies that have been founded within the last five years a favourably-priced possibility of presenting their products and concepts at ISM at a stand measuring four square metres. The entire start-up area is located in the Trend Section of Hall 5.2 and is the place for innovations. ISM additionally offers start-ups the opportunity to take part in a speed-dating or present themselves in the scope of a start-up pitch on the Trend Stage.



Newcomer Area

The Newcomer Area is open to firms of all product categories and ages. The only prerequisite: The company has to be exhibiting for the first time at ISM or have not been represented at the trade fair for a longer period of time. For companies that would like to present their products to a larger audience for the first time, ISM offers a good opportunity to establish contacts within the industry with a central placement in the Newcomer Area of Hall 11.1. and an attractive stand measuring six square metres.

New Snacks Area

The young "New Snacks" section at ISM has its fixed place in Hall 5.2 and will have a central location in the foyer in 2019. The suppliers of fruit and vegetable snacks, breakfast snacks, jerkies and meat snacks will find precisely the right environment for their trade fair participation in the "New Snacks Area". Located in a well-visible place on the central axis of the hall, the visitors can't possibly overlook the "New Snacks Area". Special marketing and promotional measures will attract the visitors' attention even more. 35 companies from 16 countries will be exhibiting in this section at ISM 2019 with products like:

  • Protein and energy bars
  • Beef jerkies
  • Fish chips in the flavours chili, sea salt or BBQ
  • Dried fruit and vegetables, compotes
  • Raw food bars
  • Cereal and oat bars
  • Sandwich spreads
  • Vegan ice cream and organic ice cream
  • Snacks made of raw cocoa
  • Biological, gluten and lactose-free chocolate snacks

All three areas cover the significant trends of the international sweets and snacks industry and offer the visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about new trends and establish contacts to the new companies.



Interview with PaPicante

The ISM exhibitor, PaPicante, underlines the advantages a participation can have for young start-ups. The company founded by Nadja Schoser and Tobias Zinßer in 2017 is already participating at the leading global trade fair for sweets and snacks for the third time in 2019 and as an ISM professional for the young segment reports about its experiences at the trade fair in the following interview.

How did the idea of PaPicante come about?

Nadja Schoser: We came up with the idea of PaPicante out of personal interest and our professional background. Because both from the view of a stewardess, who is continually dealing with travellers and busy people, and from the perspective of an athlete, a healthy, savoury counterpart to the well-known sweet cereal bar, seemed to be an excellent addition. The name is a direct reference to the "savoury revolution" in the snack bar section and that is why we came up with the idea of combining the Spanish word "Papi", which means a cool dude, with picante, i.e. spicy. In other words, PaPicante is a cool, spicy snack bar that want simply wants to sink one's teeth into.

What is the special feature about your products?

Tobias Zinßer: As a savoury snack bar PaPicante is based on pea protein crisps in three international flavours - American Style, Asian Style & Mediterranean Style. We didn't want to just create an everyday snack bar. It is much more about producing "international cuisine in pocket format" - i.e. a novel lifestyle product with actual added value, which among others follows the current food trends and customer wishes thanks to implementing the domestic green 'superfood' pea protein crisps as its innovative basic ingredient. In principle, the bars are the perfect snack for in-between meals - whether as a small lunch between strenuous business meetings, as a healthy food-for-thought snack at university or as a light snack before going to the gym. PaPicante is also good for people with food intolerances, vegetarians or vegans, because the bars are not only gluten and lactose-free, they are also free from gene manipulation and comprise of natural ingredients without conservatives due to the vegetable protein sources.



You have been an exhibitor at ISM since 2017 and having participated in the Newcomer Area (2017) and in the Start-up Area (2018) have taken advantage of the options of exhibiting for newcomers or young companies. Can you briefly describe what distinguishes the respective platform and which advantages they offer ISM newcomers?

Nadja Schoser: We had our first sampling/test panel before the market launch at ISM 2017 in the Newcomer Area. The advantage of this area for us: As an exhibitor one only has to bring along one's sample products and the deco material and you can get going. Furthermore, all of the stands get the same amount of attention, which is a real advantage as a newcomer. Furthermore, the ISM visitors know that new products are presented in the Newcomer Area, so initial good contacts can definitely be made here. In 2018, we then opted for the Start-Up Area, first of all to try out a different section and secondly, because this presentation option was interesting for us due to the favourably-priced conditions. Here too, one more or less just brings one's products and some stand design elements along, which means there is also little logistical effort involved. This section is definitely recommendable for young companies that would like to present themselves to the industry for the first time.

What difference has participating at ISM made for you and your business?

Tobias Zinßer: After our first participation we received clear, open feedback to our product, which we in turn adapted accordingly. Furthermore, we were able to get to know the snack and food industry and its practices better and faster thanks to ISM. And of course we engaged in an exchange with decision-makers at the trade fair, which subsequently led to initial deals.

Next year you are participating in the New Snack Area. What are your expectations regarding this section?

Tobias Zinßer: We are expecting to be more visible to potential B2B customers. In our opinion, the New Snack Area should be perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Why is it worthwhile for newcomers and young companies to participate at ISM?

Nadja Schoser: The scheduling of ISM at the end of January, beginning of February fits in very well with the timing of the selection process of buyers for possible new listings. Very many important decision-makers - particularly buyers - actively search for products at the trade fair and one can build up good relations. Furthermore, as a food company specialising in snack items one gets very good, precise feedback on one's own products. And of course by participating at ISM, but also in other trade events too, one achieves more visibility and extends one's own level of recognition. In addition to observing trends, personal networking and getting to know potential new business contacts is a real bonus.



Photo material of the management as well as of the products of PaPicante is available under the following link:
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